together Alone, Alone together

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Finding out how I get on stage

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So this week I have been thinking, and moving, about a basic question one encounters when making theatre: why am I on stage and who are the audience in relation to the performer/s (in this case me). It’s seemingly simple, as all complex things seem to be. So I am a clown. Yes. I am alice performing as a clown. Yes. The audience is there and expect something of me, both from me, alice, and (as I am wearing a red nose), my clown. Ok, that much is clear. I have been exploring an idea, not too far remote from Aslam (in content rather than style), how do you ‘show’ nothingness, or emptiness, a lack. I want to now begin the piece with my  no identity- an impossible task in itself I know for x, y, z reasons but at least to start with s little as possible. So, I thought for a moment this would mean I begin my show in the nude. Continue reading ‘Finding out how I get on stage’

Lets hang out in the un-knowing

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Dear James,

It’s too easy to say that I love you.

I have become so diluted in you. No one else has ever made me feel so whole. When you are away from me, even for just an hour, I just want to become a hermit, because nobody else is worth connecting to.

Who wants silver when you can have gold?
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little video number 4

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Clown contemplates on a log.

As I posted this I made the shocking discovery that the other Alice Cooper has a song entitled ‘I can’t sleep clowns will eat me’. Now my sweet little clown videos are linked to this rather frightening song. What a post modern combination.

another little clown video

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Yes, I promise there are only a few more to come.

This time the clown explores the bushland.

(another) little clown video

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And another one…

I realise this shot is a cliche, but I think it is good to embrace cliches sometimes and see what you can do with them. It’s romantic- clown running through the field at sunset. I will see where (if anywhere) I can use it in the coming weeks, but for now is a nice little memento of the roadtrip and how beautiful the country is (there we go, another cliche from a city slicker). This is video number 2 of 4 little clown videos I made (see post entitled ‘ A little video of a bewildered clown’).

A little video of a bewildered clown

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So while I was away en route home from the living desert in Broken Hill, I made a couple of little films of my clown. I haven’t completely decided what I’ll do with them- but I am interested in using them onstage to expand the physical and imaginative space of the stage. I felt my show thus far has been quite intimate and I am looking to try other options, the other end of the scale.

Here is the first one (warning they are not very interesting on their own- but hopefully I will find a place for them to bring them to life).