Three – The Season

Brianna La Rance

Images: Alex Vaughan

The final step in the 6 month immersive journey, ArtsLab09 artists – David Buckley, Sam Dalley and Tim Spencer presented three new works in their season, simply named Three. Complex, brave, challenging, vulnerable, experimental, ambitious, bizarre, poetic, highly original, poignant, moving, inventive and at times laugh out loud funny.

“If there is one thing that ties these three works together it is that each one of these three artists have tried to find the most immediate form in which to present how they view the world around them and at the end of the day, this is what the creation of new work is about” (Michael Pigott, Season Director)

Three unique performance pieces reflected the creativity and passion of their creators:

Slugabed Progressions|Written and Performed by Sam Dalley

Sound Design (Sam Dalley & David Kirkpatrick), Puppetry (Herbert Peppart & Sam Dalley), Film (Holly Thompson & Sam Dalley)

The rising tides of daunting tasks, arithmaphobia and a race against time have swept a boy off his feet, with barely any ground for footing he will probably sink? Won’t he?, with a fear of an oblique future and constant distractions he slips in and out of reality till he’s not certain what is real anymore and the only thing that’s certain is the desire to float away.

Gallery | Written & Directed by David Buckley Performed by Ashley Burgess, Laura Carolan, Lloyd Harvey, Brianna La Rance & Roman Smoliakov.

Sound & Multimedia Design by Ashley Crook

This piece was about stories. My story, their story, your story. The things about yourself that you would shout to the world and things about yourself that you wouldn’t tell a soul. Your story is what defines you. Each moment you are creating the story that declares to the world who you are.  But when your story is the only thing you have to offer to the world, who decides if it is enough?

Words They Make with Their Mouths| Written and Performed by Tim Spencer

Blurring the lines of identity and sometimes sanity, a single performer brings sixteen characters to life. Young people leave a pub, turn a corner, walk down a street and see their night take a very different direction. In the space of 100 metres their loves are requited, their fears confirmed and urges satisfied.  Sometimes in that order. It presents young people’s stories, told from their own perspective but doesn’t let them get away with it.  After all, they still have their youth.

Season Director:                   Michael Pigott

Lighting Designer:               Stephen Hawker

Stage Mangager:                   Lara Kerestes

Producer:                                Saskia Vromans


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