Feedback Session

Images:  Jarra McGrath

"I cant believe it, my work came together! - in a race to get organized i hid my body on the cold floor in preparation for my performance piece as the industry professionals took their seats, i was almost crippled with nervousness, wondering (or rather worrying) what people were going to write down about my work, the first run went well but the second one far better and after that i felt satisfyed so i poured myself a cup of tea and joined the circle for the feedback session which was just amazing and alot of ideas came to mind that i really connected with and alot of things i hadnt even considered or noticed became more apparent, i just felt like i walked away with so many ideas and a head full of images! thank you to all the artists who contributed to the discussions afterwards, ive definatly found more places to take it from here"

Sam Dalley (‘the slugabed progressions’)


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