Artslab is an intensive arts laboratory and six month residency from May to October at Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre. It gives emerging artists (aged 18-25) from across Australia the space, resources, training, guidance and connections they need to experiment, create new work and prepare for a lifetime as an artist.

ArtsLab is an unfunded initiative of Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre – a not for profit cooperative for under 25s. As such it offers substantial benefits at a highly subsidised rate. Positions are limited to no more than seven places, and is decided by application. Applications are assessed on the nature of the artistic enquiry, demonstrated commitment to achieving an outcome, and willingness to participate in the  artistic life of the Shopfront community.

2011 Applications Close on Friday December 10, 2010*

Shopfront is a professional community youth initiative based in Carlton, South Eastern Sydney, NSW. It was started in 1976 by young people eager to have a place to turn their ideas into realities. Using cross-disciplinary process and multi-platform work, Shopfront embraces multi-media and performing arts skill development to foster long-term engagement and empowerment of young people. Shopfront provides a vital, innovative and contemporary centre for the arts and the opportunity for all young people to tell their stories and share their experiences.

For more information visit www.shopfront.org.au

To obtain an application please phone +61 (02) 9588 3948 or email admin@shopfront.org.au


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